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Ⅰ. Payment Methods
●Bank Transfer Payment
After you place a order, please make payment at any financial institute within 5 business days.

Transfer Account Information:
Bank of Mitsui Sumitomo Nakano branch
Futsu Account#4245029
(Transfer handling may be charged)

●Credit Card
We accept payment by Credit Card.
“代金引換え(Cash On Delivery)” is not available.
Please choose "KURONEKO TAKKYUBIN" in shipping method,if you will pay by Credit Card.

Ⅱ. Shippning and Shipping Charge
★Free shipping with purchase more than 6,000Yen in total.
①SAWAWA TAKKYUBIN(Bank Transfer Payment)  550Yen(Tax included)
*We send only one address.(We can not separate delivery.)

②KURONEKO TAKKYUBIN(Pay Credit Card)  550Yen(Tax included)
*It depends on the delivery area.
*Exanple--Kanto \550,Tohoku/Kansai \800,Hokkaido/Kyushu \1200
*We send only one address.(We can not separate delivery.)

③KURONEKO MAILBIN(Bank Transfer Payment)
*The date cannot be fixed and need 3-5 days after sending.
*Max 5 shorts is possible to send by KURONEKO MAILBIN.
*KURONEKO MAILBIN is only put in mailbox.
*We send only one address.(We can not separate delivery.)

●Payment with bank transfer, we will ship merchandise the day we confirm the payment.
If the payment at any financial institutes within 5 business days, the order will be cancelled.

●Delivery date/time can be specified.
Delivery date can be specified (3-10days after ordered date). Please specify time/date when you make order.

Ⅲ. Return goods
●Mis-shipping or defective merchandise
We have high quality control of merchandise, but please contact us by e-mail with your name,
product name, defectiveness if there are any defective merchandise within 3days from delivery.

※We will not accept any returns under these circumstances.
After 3days from merchandise arrival.
Any goods used once.
Goods returned without any emails in advance.

Ⅳ. Privacy Policy
●Information about our users including names, phone numbers, address, email,
is an important part of our business, and we keep your important information confidential.
We are not in the business of providing it to third parties.

Ⅴ. Contact us
●Any inquery, please contact below.

E-Mail :

On Line Store  Shopping Flow 01

Mariposa Queen Mariposa Queen
Contact :
5-27-10,Higashigotanda,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo (Mon)~(Fri)10:00~19:00

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